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Daily Deals for Friday, Nov 8, 2019

Katrina Reyes
November 8th, 2019 · 3 min read
Save 30% on Harry Potter Invisibility Cloaks

Save 30% on Harry Potter Invisibility Cloaks

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Product Packaging:Standard Packaging The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak has finally arrived! Movie accurate detailing of the cloak has been reproduced in reference to the original movie prop. Now you really can appear to disappear! Using the Wow! Stuff app (included) you can recreate iconic scenes from the Harry Potter films. When the patterned side of the Invisibility Cloak is facing the camera it will be visible on screen. However, when you flip your cloak inside out, so that the green lining is facing the camera, whatever or whoever is hidden beneath the cloak will magically disappear on screen! View, photograph, or film yourself through the app on your smartphone or tablet (not included) and save the images and videos to your camera roll. Your family and friends wont believe their eyes! The Invisibility Cloak Deluxe Version is wrapped like the original! Features authentic serpent entwined borders as seen in the films and a green silk style interior. This green silk style interior is accurate to the original and was used for the green screen Chroma key technology special effects. The Wow! Stuff app is free to download!

Notes from the Community

We had some issues with the app and getting it to record or even have that circle go away, but you get the gist! The cloak is a thick material, great to keep you warm on all hallows eve. It was fun and my daughters face lit up when she saw herself disappear! Im so very excited about the newest fun thing Ive gotten to try out. I am a very huge Harry Potter fan. I reread the books often, I have a HP themed tattoo, I go to all the pub crawls and trivia nights, and I just absolutely love all things about the wizarding world. So when I got to try this super awesome WOW! Stuff Collection Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Deluxe Version I was like ahhhhhh!!!!!Its long enough on me and I am 54. It is made of sturdy thick material so you know it will last for lots of play time. It comes with an awesome box and a tripod set up for your phone. Since the magic happens on an app, you can easily show your friends all the pictures you take. The app was easy to understand and voila! Invisibility.I have to honest, I would rock the cloak with or without the invisibility. Its a nice cloak. It is a perfect gift for all Harry Potter, magic, and wizardry lovers out there! First of all, I have never seen my kids run to the door when Amazon delivered a package as they ran for this one! Were HUGE Harry Potter fans so this was something they wanted as soon as they heard about it. It did not disappoint. There was a little learning curve in taking the photo (where the cloak makes you disappear) just because you really DO need to keep the camera super steady, but it was fun seeing the floating head in the photos. The green side of the cape makes you disappear (like the green screen does on a TV) and the other side you can just wear as a costume. I have a feeling one of the kids will be wearing this for Halloween. All in all, a really fun piece of Harry Potter nostalgia. Interested in becoming invisible like Harry Potter? This fun cloak is a great size for a kid AND an adult. Download the app, and the green screen on the inside of the cloak makes you invisible in whichever setting you are in. Easy to use, takes a little time getting used to working the camera angles to make you become invisible, but once youve got it, its pretty cool! Ok. I wasnt sure how we were going to like this cloak or how user friendly it would be. Turns out, we love it. My 7 year old knows how to work it on his own and has been playing with it frequently.. its the coolest thing. We love it and the price is great! Im so glad my son loves it. ProsBeautifulGreat addition to my collectionEasy set upConsThe cloak wasnt sowed correctlyPricyCheap tripod My kids are HUGE Harry Potter fans, so they were really excited to try become invisible! The cloak is generous in size, so really kids of all ages can use it. The app that is required for the disappearing effect is free and easy to use. There is a tiny bit of a learning curve, but it isnt difficult. It is imperative to use the included tripod in order to get the best disappearing effect. Use the green side of the cloak to become invisible. The cloak would also make a great Halloween costume since you can use the patterned side for dress-up. Overall we had a ton of fun and this makes for a unique gift. We love all things Harry Potter and this was like the coolest thing ever! It definitely makes kids feel like they are a part of the story. What kiddo does not like to be invisible? Loved it and it would be a very cool Holiday or Birthday gift!

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