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Daily Deals for Saturday, Dec 7, 2019

Katrina Reyes
December 7th, 2019 · 5 min read
Save on iRobot 675 Roomba

Save on iRobot 675 Roomba

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Style Name:Roomba 675 Connect to clean from anywhere with the Roomba 675 robot vacuum. The patented 3-Stage Cleaning System is specially engineered to loosen, lift, and suction everything from small particles to large debris from carpets and hard floors. Just press Clean or schedule Roomba on the go with the iRobot HOME App.

Notes from the Community

My husband has offered several times to get me a Roomba…but I really didnt think they would be worth it, so have always declined.Enter the Roomba 675, which yes, I was offered to review through Amazons Vine Program, but that doesnt mean I have to give a glowing report. I actually passed it by 3 times, before saying, Eh, why not? Since I expect to be unimpressed, Id be the perfect person to try one out!Our family immediately named her Hazel, and after several hours of hard work, I have no qualms about keeping her on my payroll. ;-)First things: I am not the best housekeeper. I tend to be a clutterbug, and I am not faithful at daily sweeping and vacuuming. I have 2 children and 2 cats, so plenty of dirt accumulates each day. I read the instruction booklet, plugged in home base, and let Hazel charge overnight (she really only needs about 3 hours to a full battery, but I wanted to test her out in the morning after wed both had a good nights sleep).In the morning, the kids and I made sure no blankets, toys, or cords were on the floor and pushed Hazels clean button. Off she went… in a very random, haphazard pattern. I knew this was how she would probably travel, having read other reviews, but it was still odd to me. I relaxed while she puttered around my first floor, about 1200 square feet of mixed hardwood, vinyl, and carpeting.She is not very noisy. Much less than a regular vacuum cleaner for sure! I would say it sounded like a fan on high, which really wasnt bothersome. Hazel really had no trouble around furniture or traveling over transistion strips from flooring to flooring. After about an hour of buzzing around, Hazel docked herself and played a 4-5 note jingle.Even though she seemed to go in such a random fashion, I could tell my floors were clean! There were a few missed spots on her very first go, but by her third time, no area seemed to go unnoticed. Hazel now seems to know my house and is keeping my floors clean! I feel like I can go barefoot with her on the job!!After Hazel ventured under the china cabinet (who knows when that area last saw my broom), my son said, Hey! The fuzzies are gone!! Shes good!One day, Hazel beeped and began clicking. I noticed her dock button was blinking as well… I dont know if the two were actually related, but my son paused her and we checked underneath to find a usb charging cord wrapped around her brushes. How simple and easy it is to remove the brushes! We untangled the cord, pressed start, and Hazel happily finished her cycle.Since then, she has only gotten stuck once - in the flaps of the rug that go around the toilet. She beeped at us to let us know, and we quickly unstuck her. There have been a few times we thought she might be stuck under the dining room table in the labyrinth of chair and table legs, but after some bumping and spinning and bumping again, she eventually finds her way out.I could not test the wifi and app feature - as I live in a black hole with no wifi. But, I think being able to schedule Hazel is awesome. For now, we have to do all the work: bend down and push a button. Hmph! ;-)Really, Hazel is a dream. No, she doesnt deep clean edges or get under some furniture, but honestly, shes keeping my floors cleaner than I manage to on my own! I am so very happy with her! Now if only she could make dinner…! I had been wanting one of these Roombas for years. Finally ordered one a few days ago on Cyber Monday. Arrived two days ago. It worked very well. BUT having said that, it just seemed to take me more time and inconvenience to go around the house to pick things up that it could get stuck on or suck up. Also because it goes around the house kind of randomly it did miss spots. Maybe it would eventually get back to those spots but the battery died. Not sure if it starts all over again each time after recharging but it seemed like it followed the same pattern. It would be really helpful to those who would not have time to vacuum on their own, but I do have the time although I hate vacuuming. For the money, Id rather buy a good quality stick vacuum and do it myself. Just my two cents worth! Works pretty good. Ive been having issues with it vacuuming all rooms on the first floor. Sometimes it only does the office and hallway, the first day it did those plus my kitchen and living room. So its hit or miss if it will vacuum every room, and if Im not home Ill never know where it went. Also when i hit the button on top of it to go back to the dock, it doesnt. Just flashes and keeps vacuuming. Ill guess Ill keep it, but I have to babysit it occasionally. Robot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors. This handy household cleaner, with its robot sensibilities, will clean your floors very well. It can be operated with Alexa, your cellphone or in and of itself: it allows the user to connect to clean from anywhere in the house. Its patented 3-Stage Cleaning System is specially engineered to loosen, lift, and suction everything from small particles to large debris from carpets and hard floors. Its patented dirt detect sensors alert to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high-traffic zones of your home. Its edge-sweeping brush is specially designed at a 27-degree angle to sweep debris away from edges and corners. Its full suite of intelligent sensors guide the robot under and around furniture to help thoroughly clean your floors while it runs for up to 90 minutes before automatically docking and recharging. Required for use: just charge its battery, press clean or schedule Roomba on the go with the iRobot HOME App or Alexa.I have two cats in my home, both with Siamese ancestry, so their hair is long, ample and all over the place. Every time I saw a TV commercial for this product, I wanted it, so ordered it immediately when it showed up on Amazon Vine. I did have problems with its installation, at least to my cell phone. There were insufficient instructions so that I could not get the Continue button to work. However, once fully charged, it works fine by itself. Once past that problem, can say Im happy I got it, though its a bit noisy, which the TV commercials didnt see fit to allow to be shown. However, have run it twice, and it has twice filled its bin with cat hair. Absolutely despise this product. Plug it in, charge it, and then the frustration begins. Connecting to WiFi was a struggle in itself. Then watching it bounce around aimlessly in a small quadrant of my living room was beyond frustrating. It possibly ran over the same spot 50 times but never made it to the hallway. Traces of dirt still remain. Were taking about a 300 sqft living room. Will be returning. I received it today, so far so good. It was very easy and quick to set it up with wifi. I used to have the model 655 which i love cause of the suction power, this model(675) is not as powerful as the 655 but definitely is less noisy. Im very pleased so far and I found the wifi connection very convenient

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